More Pasta Lab

5 Minutes to Enjoy


Boil water with salt

Put in a pot 4 liters of water to cook 1lb of pasta and 1,5oz of salt and waiting for the boil

Choose your pasta shapes

We have a lot of shapes, which one is your favourite?



Cook pasta “al dente”

In italy we eat pasta with medium cooking, but you can choose what you like most. Follow the cook instructions on the label

Mix with your favourite sauce

You can choose, among many sauces or pesti*. Heat it in a saucepan and mix it with the pasta and, if you want, a little parmesan or pecorino romano. (*if you choose pesto, add in the saucepan a bit of pasta’s cooking water to have the best cream)



Enjoy the italian taste

Taste and let us know what do you think on our SOCIAL!

Our restaurant can accommodate up to 2500 guests, with a total area of ​​over 10,000 m2, including 7 luxurious parties, a special food court with open space. Along with modern equipment, professional management team, chefs have many years of experience in the culinary field.

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